• Operating the machines – would you like to provide fresh, ground coffee for your co-workers every day? When you choose this service, our machines are free of charge. The regular aftercare (refill, cleaning, failure fixing) is the job of Fidel Coffee’s trained professionals.

  • Machine renting - We provide the equipments you need for a rental fee. In this case all services and maintanance is our responsibility, refilling and cleaning is your, or your co-worker‘s tasks.

  • Refurbished machine sale – machines that are imported from the EU Member States, are going through complete renovation. After the renovation is completed, we offer lower prices to our partners compared to the new machines, warranty included.

  • Renewal - we offer renewing and repairing old coffee machines and drink dispensers.

  • Service – our trained professionals can fix any failure within a short deadline, if the machine is purchased from us, we can guarantee aftercare and periodical maintanance.