Dear Sir/Madam,

Our company FIDEL COFFEE KFT. has been present in the hungarian vending market since 1996. With 15 years of past & experience, exclusively offers, sells, operates and lets coffee, soda, sandwich vending, snack and bottled soda machines.

Our coffee machines can provide:

fresh coffee from coffee beansLavazza coffee from capsuleinstant coffee from powder.

Considering the european coffee- and drink consuming statistics, we carefully selected the proper machine types and fillings, that highly satisfy the hungarian needs.Using these machines you can provide a fast and civilized service at your workplace.


The sleek design, the unique appereance and quiet operation of the machines ensures that they can be placed in any kind of work environment, with reliably operation.

Our machine palette satisfies every needs from small office usage (few people) to large company usage. (few hundred/few thousand people)

The machines comply with the conditions imposed by the Offical Administration. All of them contain intelligent money checker, which can recognize the following coins: 5,- Ft, 10,- Ft, 20,- Ft, 50,- Ft, 100,- Ft, 200,- Ft.


There are also other paying options available, such as 

  • coins
  • token
  • cardkey syste
  • or the combination of these

What can this system provide? The employer can provide a comfortable access to the drinks, even personalized as well. It doesnt need personal refill every month, this happens automatically. The company support is fully adjustable and limitable. This can be hot tea, bottled soda or mineral water as well, the correct amount is traceable accoring to the consuming period.


We guarantee full satisfaction with free installing and reliable service background.

The machine installment (if necessary, we can modify the infrastructure to maximize the efficiency) the regular maintanance and the refillings are taken care of by our trained specialists, therefore the constant refill, hygene and purity is provided.


Many years of our experience and own storage supplies are available to our costumers, any occuring problem can be fixed in a short period of time, including the weekends.

Our site in Székesfehérvár guarantees a fast and smooth service in the region.


Our goal is to fully serve our Partners, providing the best possible solutions, keeping the high quality standards and requirements. For instance, bonus warranty at machine sale, high quality refill materials, and the most important thing, being correct, and fair towards our clients.


In case you have intrest in our offer, for more information please contacts us, or send us a message, to form a successful cooperation, specialized to your needs.

László Fidel